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Sofie “Staygold” Pok is a barber with an international brand and almost a quarter of a million Instagram followers.

She was featured on Buzzfeed’s “Top Knot” Video (over 2.5 million views) and has been featured in numerous magazines including American Salon (US) Barber Evo (UK), AUS Magazine (AUS), and Tribute Magazine (UK) to name just a few.

Sofie is a platform education artist for the Babyliss for Barbers Pro Team and a rep for Mizutani and Takara Belmont. In 2017, Sofie was named Female Barber of the Year by Barbercon, given the 2017 Men’s Shot of the Year Award at Behind the Chair, and Barber of the Year (an award she is most proud of as it was given not based on gender) at the American Influencer Awards.

Her goal over the last ten years has remained the same: to fuse her knowledge of barbering and cosmetology and serve as a source of inspiration for others in the field, as well as providing top service to her weekly clients. In her spare time, Sofie enjoys photography and videography and has found a way to mesh her love for barbering with the art of visual media, self-producing all of her own media content @staygold31