Lloyd D’Souza.jpg

Lloyd D'Souza is a Creative Director, based in New York.

As a producer he has worked with brands including Qualcomm, Jack Links, 5 Hour Energy and Brand Jordan.  As a creative director/director with publishers Vox Media and Conde Nast, he has worked with JPMC, Annheiuser Busch, Chase-Marriot, Microsoft XBox, Conrad-Hilton, MGM Grand Las Vegas and Samsonite.

Lloyd has worked in story-telling for over two decades, writing for Oscar winning producers and crafting brand narratives with publishers. He has been a part of teams that have won Cannes Lions (Brand Jordan - Last Shot) and had short films screened at film festivals (Malibu International Film Festival, Barcelona International Film Festival). 

Lloyd's work captures emotion in a visual context. Understanding that brand stories have just a short time to forge real audience connections, he approaches branded content with the foundational understanding of crafting a good narrative, while tapping into his experience as a photographer and visually-minded director to create accompanying images that interweave brand messaging and brand storytelling.