Nate Watters – Photographer, Seattle

Nate Watters currently lives in Seattle, Washington, where he works as a commercial and editorial photographer. From music to food, performers to products, Nate has managed to find a place for himself in the wide world of all things photographic.

Nate’s interest in photography took off at the age of 14, when he first learned to use his mother’s 35mm Pentax ME while spending his summers living amidst the vast landscape of central Montana. After a darkroom class in high school and a few community college photography courses, Nate started shooting concerts in late 2002. It was there that he found what he’d been looking for in photography. Local punk and hardcore bands playing tiny, crowded venues delivered the level of energy and excitement that are present in his photographs to this day.

Nate moved to Seattle in 2009 from Portland, Oregon.  Working a full time job in the social work field, he managed to find time to shoot concerts multiple nights each week, contributing images to local blogs and webzines. Today, Nate is a full time freelancer, contributing to City Arts Magazine and on a regular basis. He can be found almost any day of the week out photographing live music, dance, and other events.  Most recently, Nate has worked to produce photos for Degree Men, Theo Chocolate, Scenic Washington State, and