Lauren Bayless – Photographer, San Francisco

Lauren Bayless is a portrait, product and event photographer based in San Francisco. Born in Stamford Connecticut, She spent all of her time in her high school darkroom developing photos from her grandpas old Canon AE-1. It was always a therapeutic experience for her, and a place she could get away from any issues and just enjoy the process. The Darkroom remains something so magical and special to Lauren and her early growth as a photographer. She knew right away she enjoyed shooting people as she was always trying to pose and orchestrate family or friends. The day after high school graduation, Lauren packed her bags and moved out to San Francisco without knowing a single person. This independence helped her focus on her goals and forced her to grow up fast. It wasn’t until college where she started to really learn the more technical aspects of lighting and editing of personal work, and this is where her visions were put to life. Throughout College Lauren spent time assisting photographers to learn more of the business aspect and to refine technical skills by using different software or lighting equipment. Once it was time, she began taking on her own clientele which brought her to where she is today. Lauren still has the same love for shooting people, but in the process found an appreciation for shooting products and events as well.