Erik Voake – Photographer, Los Angeles

Began  his career directing action sports documentaries, traveling the world multiple times over filming incredible stunts in exotic locations.

Young and self-taught which forced him to learn quickly, being a quick learner soon became the biggest asset to his skill set. It wasn’t long before he was directing music videos, developing tv shows and producing anything that came his way. In 2006 I was sent to Baghdad to gather footage of the US Troops, brought an old Canon AE 1 and a bunch of black and white film. He was hooked on photography!

Toyed with the idea for a bit but in 2008 he decided to jump into the business full time. A friend owned the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. He pitched him on doing a photography project documenting all things related to the Roxy for exactly one year, calling it “ROXY 365”. His answer was short and to the point “sure”. So he did. At some point during the year he posted a photo to Flickr and the next day he got a call from SPIN asking to purchase it. In that moment he decided to take a leap and not only ask for money but to get an assignment as well. It worked. Since then he have worked not only for SPIN but Rolling Stone, GM, Billboard, Red Bull, Amway, Fast Company and many more.