As always, SXSW was a madhouse that consisted of bands small and large, parties that raged and the sultry sounds of fresh music that engrossed the air. Using the HERO3+, we were tasked by GoPro to capture content around music that would show the camera’s ability to go above and beyond its misunderstood reputation as solely a video recorder for extreme sports. The photos speak for themselves and when all is said and done, a GoPro is a really easy and simple way to capture beautiful, professional quality photographs. Whether practice or performance, or mounted to an instrument, turntable or mic stand, anyone can capture immersive footage and unique points of view. Not to mention, it’s also intriguing for people when you’re taking a photo with something so small – it’s even more impressive when they see the quality that renders. For a photographer, a huge event like SXSW is an emotionally and physically draining process, but totally worth it when you get to look at all the amazing content that was captured throughout so a special ‘thank you’ to GoPro from the Filterless family. Check out some of the photos here and see for yourself how multifaceted this piece of technology is.