It’s not often that one hears about a major company supporting the arts in the name of education and exploration. Our team recently photographed for Red Bull’s Music Academy Bass Camp, a series of global music workshops and festivals held for those who truly make a difference in today’s musical landscape. It’s sort of like a merger of music education and collaborative pop-up studio sessions, that are topped off by awesome live performances.

The most recent event took place in San Francisco and spanned across 3 days, consisting of special guest lectures and performances from Erykah Badu and Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, among other talented individuals. Invited guests were carefully selected, aspiring music makers that run the full gamut of genres and musical backgrounds.

Red Bull Music Academy is a great idea and it makes us smile to know that, with the help of companies like Red Bull, the exploration of the arts and its greater relation to life itself is alive and well. Check out the Red Bull Music Academy website for more information or to see some of the images from the event, click here.