As you can probably tell, the new Filterless site is up and running. But instead of doing a cliche post about the launch of our new site in an overzealous style that would more than likely come off as an excited 15 year old girl [“OMG, IT’S UP!” #YOLO #BIEBERFEVER] we wanted to share our thoughts on the purpose and mission of Filterless.

Websites are cool and they’re unique ways of displaying the often esoteric nature of video and photography. Before the ubiquity of technology, photographs were personal, they were for memories to calm the wanton souls and those who yearned for ‘the old days’; they were ways of visually understanding progress through static traces of what was and what might be through images; they were, in short, new ways of remembering, sharing, re-collecting. But this has all changed and images/videos are often more of an ‘in the moment’ expression of something that’s borderline meaningless. Filterless is meant to be the opposite.

We house the content that’s been curated for a purpose. This isn’t a professional setup of instagramers – we aren’t taking pictures of today’s lunch. We’re artists capturing what others wish to capture for themselves, but maybe lack the conceptual expression, professional assets or even just the equipment. We are shooting with intent, purpose and clarity, so that the expression is accessible and available for anyone and everyone. That’s the meaning of Filterless.

Art shouldn’t be for the few, but for the many.

Photo by Nate Watters